Friday, 25 October 2013

S1x2 - Once Upon a Time in Wonderland: Trust Me

Aired 17/10/13 on ABC

If I learned anything from this episode, it’s that Wonderland is a place where secrets and trust don’t exist. There were more deceptions and betrayals in episode two than in a poker game between a bunch of criminals out for revenge.

Alice and Knave continued on their journey to find Cyrus by following Alice’s plan to find his bottle (which they buried) and rub it so he appears to them. Sounds super simple - but of course it wasn’t. As Alice kept saying very loudly, it was buried under the Tum Tum Tree in Mimsy Meadows, something which caused Knave to say that of course no one would find it there because it would only be visited by Carebears.

Side note – I seriously love Knave. It’s like the writers realised that nearly everything in Wonderland is ridiculous, so they wrote his character to say everything the audience is thinking. His sarcastic quip that the clothes horse was where she magically got her new clothes from both neatly explained it without hassle and, demonstrated the show’s awareness of its slightly bizarre self.

After ditching the White Rabbit, they hacked their way through trees and then found out that there was a gigantic lake in their way. No problem, they could just clap their hands and a ferry would appear. Except she didn’t say ferry, she said fairy, one which happened to have a grudge towards Knave for leaving her, after what sounded like a Wonderland one night stand, without saying goodbye.

After handing out a few disguised digs towards Knave, she agreed to take them to the Tum Tum Tree, only to then drop him in the middle of the lake with a big smile on her face. Alice went after him as he had already confessed to not being able to swim and they ended up clambering onto a conveniently placed rock. Except it wasn't a rock, but a giant Turtle who Alice forced to take them where they want to go. Job done.

When they finally got there, they found that Jafaar had beaten them to it after learning the location from the Red Queen, who of course learned it from the eavesdropping White Rabbit. Knave thought it was all over - but Alice soon revealed that she lied and just wanted to see who she was up against, then she took him to the real burial site of the bottle. But low and behold it wasn't there, because the White Rabbit told the Red Queen that he had seen Alice and Cyrus bury it there originally. So now the Red Queen has the bottle and is going to keep it to get power over Jafaar, who had Cyrus, in order to keep some leverage in the power struggle, and Alice is left at square one. Get all that? Good.

The power struggle between the Red Queen and Jafaar was an on-going battle, as he needed her to get the bottle from Alice. He trusted that she would obey after he showed off his ability to decimate people into ashes, except she wouldn't admit defeat and double crossed him at the end, using the bottle as insurance for her life. He clearly has more power than her, but she sees herself as the rightful ruler of the land and won’t take anything lying down. Although, I’ll be honest, in one of their scenes I wasn’t paying attention to what they were saying as I was too busy studying her hair. How does she even do that? Does she get up super early in the morning just so her servants can spend hours on it as well as scrubbing her feet? It’s one of the show’s unsolved mysteries.

And is it just me, or is this show a lot more sexual than the original? The Red Queen dresses fairly provocatively and wanted to make sure that he was satisfied and all his needs were met. Regina wore similarly sexy costumes in OUAT but I don’t think she ever had dialogue that clearly alluded to sexytime. Plus all the ‘swordplay’ between Alice and Cyrus in the flashbacks, which by the way clearly worked as Alice got a kiss from her man and started the relationship. Maybe it’s just where my mind went, but I can’t be the only one… right!?

Although it was an enjoyable episode, not much happened in the advancement of the story as Alice and Cyrus are pretty much still in the same situation. They did manage to send messages to each other as Cyrus had some magical paper he kept in the lining of his waistcoat, so they knew each other was alive. Alice now has a good idea who has him, so I guess that’s something. Honestly, it didn’t really matter that the story didn't move much further forward as it allowed us to get more of an idea of each character while leaving us wanting more. It’s when we don’t want more that we have to worry, but so far, the show is on the right track.