Thursday, 24 October 2013

S1x4 - The Originals: Girl in New Orleans

Aired 22/10/13 on The CW

At the end of last week's review for The Originals I requested several things: more badass Rebecca, some good old Mikaelson family banter, the return of Elijah and some revelations about Davina or Hayley's mystical baby. After this week's episode I finally feel that I can praise the writers because they definitely came through with the goods!

Davina is no longer going to be referred to as 'weirdo girl' or 'creepy Davina'. Now she will be known as totally awesome Davina - she's a combination of tragedy and innocence along with a huge side order of absolute kick-ass magic mojo. She is one powerful kid and I'm pleased that the episode devoted a lot of its time to her, because I was desperate to suss her out. We learned how she'd been kept prisoner in the attic of an abandoned Church - the previous site of a terrible massacre involving Cami's twin brother. Davina begged Marcel to let her attend a music festival and he was set against it - until she made his blood boil WITH HER MIND. I was impressed with her nerve, but also confused as she has all this power but remains under the control of others. I'm curious to see how her relationship to Marcel is explained in later episodes. Marcel got bartender Cami to look after his little witch without realising that Klaus had already recruited her first using his powers of compulsion. Unfortunately for Marcel, Cami 'lost' Davina and let her run off to meet an old friend. Evil Davina - as she seemed to be portrayed in the first few episodes - was actually just another rebellious, young teenager in love with a musician.

Klaus spent the episode running around with a plan to convince Davina to betray Marcel and align herself with him instead. He deliberately pushed Tim the fiddle player from a balcony and then blackmailed Davina. He would save her poor love's life by feeding him his blood if she joined him - and of course she did. Klaus never loses when it comes to manipulating other people's feelings - it's this quality that made him so enjoyable to watch in TVD. The casual way in which he threw Tim over the balcony railing was typical, old-school Klaus - he even threw the lad's violin over too. The scene was comical and made me feel the way I used to feel about him; he's much better when he's having evil fun than when he's moping around and wondering why people always leave him.

The episode also saw the return of another of my favourites: ELIJAH! Ok, he was asleep for most of it but he did use his powers to communicate to Rebecca in some weird dream vortex. He had a plan and made his sister swear to protect Hayley and the baby no matter what - when Rebecca revealed this to Hayley later on she had a little smile playing on her lips - I'm definitely feeling some early romantic tension between Hayley and the good Original - AND HE'S BEEN IN A COFFIN. Elijah is just that awesome. Anyway, although he'd been asleep he awoke at the end to face Davina. It was an enjoyable cliffhanger and I'm glad he'll be up and about in the next episode. Hayley will be pleased! 

Now on to Hayley's role in the ep; she's definitely growing on me. In the back-door pilot I thought that she would spend the season annoying me Bella Swan style. But actually, I'm not ashamed to admit that I was wrong about her. I enjoyed her showing off her wolfy ninja moves when she escaped from people trying to kill her. The witch, Agnes, took her to see a doctor as she still hadn't had a standard pregnancy medical check-up. Agnes' intentions weren't as good as we thought though - instead she led Hayley into a trap and arranged for her to be killed. She fought off her attackers but was then shot with an arrow. She turned up later, a bit battered but okay. Turns out her extra-hybrid baby shared its healing powers with her - a pretty nifty trick to have in this world! 

Finally, we learned a bit more about Cami, whose twin brother massacred a group of kids in a church. Cami's reason for being in New Orleans was to find out what happened to him and the story also showed us why she was so interested in psychology.With no explanation he just snapped - but through Klaus she deduced that he might have been compelled and was hell bent on finding out who was responsible. However, Klaus compelled her to forget - it was a sad moment as she begged him not to let her forget. He comforted her as he compelled her and promised to find out who was really responsible. It was a touching and defining moment in their new relationship and provided a great deal of material to use in future story lines. 

Overall, the episode was a huge improvement. It contained pretty much everything that I asked for and it ended in a way that made me want to tune in again next week. The writers kept a good balance of providing us with enough information to keep us satisfied, but didn't reveal too much too quickly. 

Next week... BRING ON ELIJAH!