Thursday, 31 October 2013

S1x5 - The Originals: Sinners and Saints

Aired 29/10/13 on The CW

So after last week's rather epic episode, this week's episode was quite average. As the season progresses, it's safe to say that overall things are improving, but I'm still waiting for the WOW factor. 'Girl in New Orleans' was pretty close, but 'Sinners and Saints' was a small step backwards - although it did fill us on a few important things, so I suppose that's a bonus.

First, we'll start with ELIJAH. Just the fact that he was actually in the episode made me happy. Thank goodness he's awake because I was starting to suffer from Elijah withdrawal. As usual, he was looking sharp and sexy in his slick, black suit - he may have been wearing it for a while in that coffin, but I didn't see a single speck of dust. Elijah and Davina had a good long talk and finally we were able to fill in a few blanks, like why Marcel and Davina are such good friends. Basically, we learned that Marcel isn't a completely evil douche, while the witches of New Orleans are actually evil kid killers - even Marcel and Klaus draw the line at killing kids so you know it's bad. Davina told Elijah how she was part of a ritual called the 'Harvest' and was tricked into believing that it was a great honour - except that her fellow young witches (including the daughter of Sophie's dead sister, Jane-Anne), were sacrificed and killed. Davina wasn't sacrificed because Marcel and his vamp crew swooped in and saved the day; Marcel recognised something of himself in the almost abused Davina and decided to hide her in the old church, where he has looked after her with brotherly affection ever since. 

Back to ELIJAH... From Davina's tragic tale, he deduced that Sophie and Jane-Anne didn't plan to bring Klaus to New Orleans to help tip the scales in the witches' war against Marcel's vampires, as was initially thought, but to in fact help them find Davina, so that they can kill her and thus complete the 'Harvest' - they want to complete it because they believe that this will bring Jane Anne's daughter back to life. Thinking about it now, I'm actually quite impressed with Sophie - I have wondered what her role was going to be as the show progressed. So far she's just been there not really doing much. Turns out that she actually is a much bigger threat and a great trickster - she'll do anything to get her niece back which makes her extremely dangerous. 

And back to ELIJAH again... after he finished his little talk with Davina he returned to the Mikaelson household where he was reunited with his family. Rebecca ran to him with open arms while some cheesy music started up in the background. But it wasn't the Mikaelson reunion that was the exciting part, it was the Hayley-Elijah reunion part. Hayley left the room and Elijah (obviously having gone through all of this reunion with the family part before because he is like a thousand years old), focussed all of his attention on her. He followed her, leaving behind a confused and bemused Rebecca and Klaus. For a while it looked like they were going to kiss, but then Hayley slapped the hell out of him. Ooouch. "Don't make promises you can't keep," she said in some mangled American accent. Ok, I've probably made it sound terrible, but the scene was actually kind-of awesome. It would have been cheesier had they kissed - believe it or not the slap was so much more intimate. Elijah *swoon* stood there with his hand to his cheek and looked as though he'd been touched by an angel, not bitch-slapped by a werewolf carrying evil hybrid spawn. 

I suppose I should mention something other than Elijah now, so I'll mention the other thing that I liked - Rebecca and Hayley are totes best buddies now. Anyone say, H2O: Just Add Water? The mermaid besties are now vampire and werewolf besties. Love it. Rebecca hasn't really had any decent friends and it appears that her romance with TVD's Matt Donovan has been shut down - the writers have obviously attempted to compel us into just forgetting about all that, but I've been on vervain since season one so they can't pull a fast one over me. 

Finally, the thing that I really didn't like were the flashbacks - ugh. They're just so lazy when it comes to explaining things - it's always flashbacks! It was cool to find out about Davina and Marcel's relationship, but we also found out who was behind Camille's brother's crazy-slaughter. We were only introduced to that storyline last week and I feel like the writer's couldn't really be bothered to do a proper job with it, so just shoved the explanation in with this week's flashback scenes. I am so over flashbacks - Lost did way too many flashbacks, flash sideways, flash forwards, whatevs, and look where that went. 

Overall, it was a decent episode in terms of what we learned - but I want some action now. I want some more Hayley/Elijah sparks, perhaps a slaughter that isn't seen in a flashback sequence, and perhaps more on this baby angle. We've had enough explaining - let's get moving with some exciting events. The plots appear to be set: Sophie is out for blood; Hayley's having an evil baby; Elijah and Hayley are gonna get it on; Klaus is going to get some revenge for the poor, compelled bartender; there's plenty of wood here to start the bonfire, I just hope that the writers have the guts to start it sooner rather than later.