Thursday, 7 November 2013

S1x3 - Once Upon a Time In Wonderland: Forget Me Not

Aired 24/10/13 on ABC

The third episode of Oncerland was pretty standard television; nothing too fancy happened but it was still interesting. Knave proved that he wasn’t always a thief out for himself, but that he was once a thief out for himself and the mysterious Anastasia. We flashbacked to before he came to Wonderland; a time when he was known as Will Scarlet and he hung around with Robin Hood and his Merry Men. Having just been inducted into their group, he convinced Robin that he was all about their cause for thieving for humanity, and that there was a ton of gold in Maleficent’s castle to steal. Robin was wary because of the lure of stealing some magical items instead, but Will was all, ‘nah, gold only, I promise,’ so Robin agreed.

Naturally, Will was lying, as we saw him return to a little house and let Anastasia know the good news – Robin bought it. We didn’t see who Anastasia was at this point, only the back of her blonde hair, but considering I spent a good portion of last week’s episode studying another blonde hair-do, my spider senses started tingling. Would you believe it, I was right: after secretly stealing the Looking Glass from one of Maleficent’s cabinets and after being told off by Robin, he returned to his love shack where the Red Queen came running out the door to great him. What a surprise.

Of course, this was before she got all Red Queeny so she was the picture of innocence, with flowers in her hair and a quaint maid outfit. After declaring how much they loved each other, they jumped through the Looking Glass into Wonderland, and that was the beginning of that story. It may have been so predictable, but it made me even more curious to know how Will became Knave, and what the heck happened to Anastasia that resulted in the Red Queen?

'Revelation' was the theme of this episode, as Alice finally learned that the White Rabbit sold them out. Knave told Alice about the Forget-Me-Knot, a rope that, when you create a hoop and look through it, can see the last things that happened in that place. Only problem was, the Caterpillar currently had it - the guy who had put wanted posters of Knave all over Wonderland because of a debt owed.

Still, this didn’t seem to faze him as he took Alice down into Underland (I see what they did there) to make a deal for it. But because easy missions don’t make good TV, the Caterpillar didn’t have it, so they made another deal to retrieve it in order to wipe Knave’s slate clean. The Caterpillar accepted and off they went to the Grendl’s house.

But of course, that didn’t go to plan either as the Grendl captured them and decided they’d make a tasty dinner. But Knave connected with him on an emotional level as he watched the Grendl looking through the Forget-Me-Knot at his wife. It was a nice insight to Knave, but it didn’t quite work. Instead, Alice managed to cut her ropes with the sharp edge of a wish, and they tried to run while the Grendl was out chopping wood, but when they opened the door, there was a pesky Bandersnatch waiting for them.

While they had been busy trying to get the rope, the Red Queen and Jafaar were trying to find Alice and her wishes and decided to send a Bandersnatch after her - something Alice had met in her previous foray in Wonderland. Knave eventually killed what was basically a giant wart hog with spikes, grabbed the Knot, and left.

When RQ and Jafaar came to investigate, they killed Grendl, but not before learning that Knave is with Alice, and when Alice and Knave went back to the bottle burial site, they saw the White Rabbit giving it to RQ through the Forget-Me-Not. So now both RQ and Knave knows that the other is in the game, and judging by all the massive hints that this was the epic love of his life that ended badly, I’m sure it will produce a few fireworks when they finally meet again.

It was a nice episode, albeit highly predictable, but this show can get away with that as it gives just enough information to satisfy us in the short term, but gives little hints and open ended statements that leave us with the need to know more. This episode was ripe with CGI backgrounds and creatures that weren’t always the best (the caterpillar was actually kind of gross) but again, this can be forgiven due to the nature of the show. As long as it doesn’t slow down, it should be good enough to keep me going.