Tuesday, 12 November 2013

S1x5 - The Tomorrow People: All Tomorrow's Parties

Aired 06/11/13 on The CW

This show just keeps surprising me. Yes, it’s still a ridiculously cheesy show about people with powers, but storylines that would last over an entire season in other shows only take one or two episode to be revealed in this one. And I love that.

After last week’s revelation that, unlike the rest of his species, John can kill thanks to Jedikiah’s Annex program, I thought we would have to witness some major angst on his part and some near misses as he tried to hide it, but that was proven wrong as Cara saw John killing someone this episode.

The TP all crashed a human party to try and relieve some of the cabin fever. John was very much against this, evident when he shouted at Kurt the bank robber who had snuck out to say goodbye to his mum. John made it very clear that going topside meant the threat of capture by Ultra and the endangering all of the TP hunkering down in the underground tube station. Cara’s suggestion of going to the party, which looked exactly like the kind of party where they could blend in and casually steal things without detection, was met with a short no, until Cara challenged him to a Jaunt.

Turns out a Jaunt is where they try to subdue the other with a stick, which sounds lame, but when you add teleporting into the mix it makes it look pretty cool. Much to John’s displeasure, Cara won and so everyone prettied themselves up and headed to the party for some alcohol fuelled fun times.

Of course, it was an ambush by Ultra, who had put D-Chips around the place so they couldn’t use their powers and then sent in pretty people with guns to kill them all. Three people died and a few were shot, including Irene, their resident seventeen year old genius geneticist, and while Cara was trying to escape to a place where she could teleport away, a sneaky gunman caught them unawares. Cue John sweeping in and putting a few rounds in his chest while Cara watched with wide eyes.

She was definitely not happy when she confronted him later and I imagine that this mistrust and anger will be a running thing from now on. Although I much prefer this scenario to the one where we see John trying to hide it from her. An angry character is always better than an angsty character, as it leads to more interesting storylines. Plus I hate it when you, as the audience, know something the character doesn’t; it always frustrates me and ends with me calling them stupid and disliking them.

Also, Cara has proven that she is not someone to be messed with when she’s angry as it turns out that Kurt was the one who sold them out to Ultra and revealed the party location, all because John had shouted at him and threatened to cast him out. Understandably everyone was upset, as he was responsible for three people dying, but Cara took it to a whole other level. She got the power-taking serum, which Stephen had stolen for them so Irene could try and work out an antidote, beat Kurt back with some telekinesis, and then stuck him with the needle, taking his powers away and making him human. She was damn scary as she did it as well! Definitely not someone you want to make mad… Good luck John.

Stephen also got himself in a pickle this episode. The big bosses of Ultra decided they wanted to meet him, so he was taken to a mysterious house by Jedikiah to meet the man who supposedly killed his father for disobeying. As he is in fact a double agent, Stephen was crapping his pants at this point, and it turns out the big boss is in fact a Tomorrow Person who proceeded to try and break into Stephen’s mind to see if he’s lying. Stephen tried to fight him off but he isn’t sure if he managed it. He even asked Cara to screen him to see if he was the one who tipped Ultra off before Kurt confessed.

As a result of the meeting, he was taken to a training exercise, which was a slightly sadistic one as he got to witness the attempted massacre at the party from a balcony. Harsh! He did help the majority of them escape when he busted the fuse box and turned off the power, and then later teleported the injured Irene to a hospital (which broke John’s rule about going topside but she was about to die).

He is also best friends with Astrid again and was taking her to homecoming, which was a weird storyline that didn’t fit into this episode at all. It basically served as a way for them to confront the fact that Astrid saw him teleport, and after he witnessed the massacre and was feeling downhearted, he eventually confessed all to her. Again, a storyline that I predicted would drag out the entire season was sorted in two episodes (not including last week when they didn’t address it at all.)

I like that this show is doing that because let’s be honest, this is a pretty stereotypical teen show about people with powers, who are also dealing with the pressures of being a young person. But this show seems to know that and is trying to break away slightly by not prolonging situations to amp up the drama, but using just the right amount to make it interesting enough to keep our attention and leave us wanting more. I hope this continues all season.