Friday, 8 November 2013

S1x6 - The Originals: Fruit of the Poisoned Tree

Aired 05/11/13 on The CW

I've decided that if Elijah, Klaus, Rebekah, Caroline and Katherine all came together and made their own spin-off TV show it would be the best show ever. If we took the best elements of TVD and The Originals and put them together we'd have something positively genius. That said, I do quite like The Originals at the moment; definitely more so than the current series of TVD (apart from the Katherine parts obvs). It must be stated that the writers have done a great job in creating awesome characters, it's just unfortunate that sometimes the story lines aren't good enough, as is the current case with TVD. Thankfully, The Originals is really starting to take off and the latest episode was a good one, actually not just good one, a downright hilarious one.

The episode opened to a scene featuring Klaus and Elijah; they were sitting in their lounge, having some down time and reading some books. There was food on the table - by food I mean a dead woman - and this simple, human activity was great to watch; these guys are so cool they make reading seem entertaining to the outside observer. Rebekah joked about the new vampire book club and then went about cleaning up the food by dragging the body casually through the kitchen while Hayley made breakfast. It was a touching family scene, made completely unconventional by the funny vampire clan. Hayley also moaned about not having fresh milk in the fridge, but duh! they are vampires, all they like to drink is fresh blood. Elijah of course, was already ahead of her and whipped out a bottle of milk and made her a bowl of cereal. What a sweetheart! Romantic tension over a bowl of cereal, gotta love it.

So the plot involved the witch, Agnes, trying to kill Hayley's baby; Sophie Deveraux was kidnapped by some hilariously hooded, masked-men guys and was injected with a cursed needle that would cause Hayley (who, don't forget, is magically linked to Sophie) to miscarry. Elijah was the hero of the hour using a combination of honour, love and complete ruthlessness. He kept his promise to Davina from the previous episode, helping her learn how to control her magic by giving her a page from his mother's old spell book. He set her the task of untying a knotted rope using only her magic, but because Elijah is seriously clever this little magic trick would also unlink Hayley and Sophie. Elijah didn't tell Davina this of course, so she was able to perform the magic without the pressure. Elijah is definitely the kind of teacher everyone wants at school - also, Davina's face when Elijah visited her was so adorable. Awww. I love the affectionate bond developing between the honourable vamp and the little witch.

Sophie, rather begrudgingly, helped Elijah and Rebekah save Hayley by giving her some herbs and making Elijah dunk the feverish pregnant wolf in the family swimming pool. Elijah was desperate with his attempts to save her and as Rebekah looked on, she realised that her good brother was in love with her bad brother's baby momma. Of course there was nothing to fear because Davina managed to unknot the rope which meant victory in three ways: Davina was learning to control her powerful magic; Hayley and Sophie were unlinked; Hayley didn't miscarry her hybrid spawn. That last one I'm not sure about yet...

Meanwhile, Klaus had Agnes and her minions at the old Church, where he was being all evil and threatening to kill them for several reasons: he likes to kill people; he wanted to save his baby; he wanted revenge on behalf of Cami, because it turned out that Agnes was the witch who made her brother go psycho (that story line mystery didn't last long did it?). Elijah called Klaus and asked him not to kill Agnes because he had made a promise to Sophie. Throughout the episode, it seemed like there was a bit of tension between Elijah and Klaus because Klaus was no longer the one in charge. Elijah turned up at the church, convinced Klaus to release Agnes but then did something majorly awesome - in one ridiculously super-vamp fast movement, he pulled out all of the minions' hearts and then snapped Agnes' neck - and he even stopped to wipe his bloody hands on his handkerchief, how gentlemanly. He didn't break his promise to Sophie: he promised her that Klaus wouldn't kill Agnes, not that he wouldn't kill her. Yay Elijah! All thoughts about there being tension between the two original brothers ceased to exist when Klaus smiled - he was so proud. This was definitely the episode in which Elijah asserted his presence as a chivalrous, loving and ruthlessly badass guy. God, I love him - get used to my gushing of Elijah, it's going to happen every week.

When all was sorted and everything was merry and bright for the Original family, Rebekah decided it was time she left. Elijah was out of his coffin, Hayley was safe, Klaus was still playing a Game of Thrones or something, so she figured her job was done and the rest of the drama could be left to the guys. For some reason she then decided that she must go and say goodbye to Marcel, and because it can't be a vampire show without some passionate vampire sex they ended up doing that. Afterwards she randomly offered Marcel an apple - again with the vampires not liking anything but blood - and from this apple Marcel deduced, Sherlock Holmes-style, that the Mikaelson family were not staying at a hotel, but at the plantation where he worked as a slave. I should probably mention that Marcel had been wondering around trying to figure out where they were staying for most of the episode and spent some time hanging out with his old pal Romeo Montague, aka Thierry, in the Garden. Anyway, Rebekah left and Marcel turned up at the plantation house. Later he bumped into Klaus on Bourbon Street and made it known that he knew where the Originals were staying. When Elijah arrived back at the house Hayley wasn't there... Damn that pesky Marcel. They spend all that time saving Hayley and then she gets kidnapped by Marcel, and all because of an apple. Ignore your doctor kids, apples are bad! Elijah frantically called Rebekah, hoping that Hayley was with her, but of course she wasn't. Thus, Rebekah's road trip can be deemed as the shortest one in history because now she's got another problem to sort out. Nobody can do anything right without her around. 

So overall, it was a great episode, probably my favourite so far. It had comedy galore, lots of Elijah, lots going on, and even better, the development of a decent story line. I'm actually excited about next week's episode. Elijah's going to be even better because he'll be angry and chivalrous, which I have decided is the best version of him. Badass Elijah in love is awesome - thanks Hayley for making him feel like this! Is it socially acceptable to be mad jealous of a pregnant werewolf? I also wonder what Klaus' role will be... Will he be angrier with Marcel for one-upping him for the throne stakes, or will he be more concerned about Hayley's well-being? Either way, I can't wait to see what his plan of action will be in taking Marcel down! Until next week, my lovelies...