Thursday, 28 November 2013

S1x8 - The Originals: A River in Reverse

Aired 26/11/13 on The CW

'A River in Reverse' was pretty decent considering everyone spent most of the episode being upset about something. I didn't know who to feel most sorry for. Klaus for having his family betray him? Rebekah for feeling torn between loyalty and her big bro's evil-doing? Marcel for being an epic-fail? Or Elijah who was having nightmares while writhing in pain from his Klaus bite? Let's face it, life sucks for these people... and they're immortal so that's a lot of suckiness! 

Klaus basically spent the majority of his time accusing everyone of betraying him and performing monologues about his feelings. He had Cami write up his life story like Brad Pitt in Interview with a Vampire, but then she got fed up and psychoanalysed him instead. But if this episode proved anything, it was that we now know for certain that Klaus really does care. He was worried enough about Cami getting caught in the crossfire of a vampire war that he wanted her to leave town - and he also believed that she had the right to make the choice herself rather than be compelled as usual. How thoughtful

Of course he did get rather tied up when Rebekah, Marcel and his vampire posse decided to stage some sort of violent intervention. The plan was to dagger him and leave him in the garden for 52 years or something... Obviously Klaus is a lot more powerful than all of the other little vamps, but what they lacked in strength they made up for in numbers. Not that it mattered much though - didn't anyone ever teach them that it's QUALITY NOT QUANTITY?! For a while it looked like he was finally beaten. They chained him and beat him and stabbed him and anything else you can think of that involves pain, but then Klaus' eyes went like this:

When a guy's eyes light up like that, you know he means business. He broke free and started killing loads of vamps. Rebekah, realising that the plan was a complete bust, begged Marcel to retrieve the golden coin that Klaus had thrown earlier, during another of his monologues, for someone to pick up as a show of loyalty. The battle (or should I probably say slaughter?) ended quickly and Marcel conceded defeat. The Kingdom belongs to Klaus now - and he even kicked Marcel out of his house! But all of it came with a sting in the tail as Marcel pointed out that Klaus couldn't buy true loyalty; loyalty has to be earned and Klaus' bullying and threats will only go so far - Rebekah's attitude towards her brother is a perfect example.

Klaus then finished things up by, wait for it... CRYING. Seriously. Mr Big-Bad is officially a crier now. He made a very moving speech to Rebekah and Elijah about how he was jealous that Hayley liked Elijah more than him, and how they both chose to side with other people when he needed them most. In the back of my mind I know that, to an extent, Klaus deserves all of this treatment at the moment, but at the same time I did really feel sorry for him. As Rebekah aptly put it: "We don't abandon you Nik, you drive us away." I mean, how tragic is that?! Klaus didn't want to stay to resolve the issue with his siblings any longer so he kindly gave them back the dagger that could kill them for a bit (at least that was decent of him) and then he moved out - and took the mother of his baby with him!

Other notable things that happened throughout the episode included Elijah suffering in a little wooden shack out in the wilderness with Hayley as his carer. In his pained state, he started having flashbacks that he somehow magically shared with Hayley, showing how he was in love with a witch called Celeste, but thanks to Klaus' trickery she died. (That's another black stain on your record, Klausy-boy). Also, we learned that Elijah likes to spank his girlfriends - good luck with that one Hayley, m'dear!

Hayley also made some progress with her werewolf-family history when she finally spoke to this creepy blonde woman who'd been spying on them. In the woman's defence, she really made an impression because she basically saved Hayley's life. Elijah started hallucinating and strangled Hayley (it happens) and then the woman just came out of nowhere and poked him in the back with a bit of wood (no sexual innuendo there, I promise). When all was calm they eventually had a little chat and Hayley learned that her family all suffered from a curse that reversed the typical werewolf curse; basically they were full-time wolves EXCEPT during the full-moon. Personally, I thought that sounded quite cool and I would like to know more about these wolfy people. I'm loving how this show is slowly drawing its story away from the witches. Hooray!

Now I really can't finish this review without mentioning the one thing that made me truly happy this week:

Tyler deserved to get his neck snapped. Rebekah is my hero! First the dude disappears and neglects Caroline, then returns to have sex with her, then dumps her, then arrives in New Orleans where he kidnaps Hayley and tries to kill her baby. Even the fact that you're good-looking can't save you now wolf-boy. The list of mean things that he's done is getting ridiculously long now guys. It's about time he had his neck snapped! 

I think I've covered the basics. I can't wait to see how Elijah takes the news that Klaus has taken Hayley next week. My goodness that girl gets taken a lot! I expect things will be bloody - Klaus is King now!