Monday, 18 November 2013

S1x6 - The Tomorrow People: Sorry For Your Loss

Aired 13/11/13 on The CW

After last week’s episode full of progress, this week took a little break from any startling revelations but still kept up the standard we’ve been seeing. It opened with a flashback of easy-going Russell, dressed in a fancy suit during a piano audition. Turns out he can play quite well, although half way through his telekinesis took over, but still, it was pretty. Despite the fact he got into wherever he auditioned for, his father was not impressed and criticised his pinky finger for being weak. Through various flashbacks we learned that his father had always been strict on him, making him practice piano six hours a day and he still wasn’t good enough.

In the present, Tim informs Russell that his father had died, so he and John set off to Portland to attend the funeral. Russell was not too eager to go home, as he felt like he had shamed his mother. In a flashback we saw him using his telepathy to cheat in a poker game, and although he got caught, he managed to escape with thirty thousand dollars. He took it home and presented it to his father, saying he was buying his way out of his life. His father was a bit shocked as he thought that Russell liked playing the piano, when some of the poker players came round looking for their money back. Russell’s father told him to hide in the closet and told the thugs he didn’t know where he was. They responded by taking the money back, but not before slamming a hammer down on his hand a few times first while Russell watched in horror.

Although it was as cliché as it gets, I’m a sucker for these kinds of things, so I liked the cute moment Russell and his mother had when he finally made it home for the funeral after a few bar fights in an attempt to stall. However, I did snigger during the scene where he played the piano in his father’s memory, as the actor clearly doesn’t play so all the shots were strategically done.

While John and Russell were busy fighting in bars and attending funerals, the rest of the gang were dealing with a new Breakout who was linked to Stephen’s Ultra partner Darcie. At the beginning of the episode, Russell and Stephen were using their powers to hustle people at pool, only to then get a taste of their own medicine when a girl does the same to them. She gives them the slip when they try to talk to her, but Stephen and Cara go out the next night to look for her.

They find her in the same bar because she apparently knows nothing about hiding from people and she runs again, and they are almost caught by Ultra agents. So Stephen uses the opportunity to do the old make out trick with Cara, so that the agents think they’re just a young couple having some fun. Sneaky bastard. It worked though and caused them to go a bit goo goo eyes at each other for a while before getting back to business.

The next day they helped the girl escape some more Ultra agents and took her back to their underground lair (I swear they called it their lair, not me). Turns out she is Piper Nichols, sister of Ultra agent Darcie Nichols. She’d come to the city when her powers manifested, partly because she was drawn there like the rest of the TP, and partly because her sister did the exact same thing when she was seventeen and Piper hoped to find her. Only Darcie is a secret agent hunting down her own species, which now includes her sister.

Stephen convinces Cara to give Darcie the benefit of the doubt and sets up a meeting between her and Piper. It was happy reunion until it was revealed Darcie had told Ultra and some agents were coming to capture Piper. Stephen then convinced her not to turn her sister in and they escaped out the back, but Darcie was killed by Ultra agents when she tried to stop them from going after Piper.

It was an okay storyline, but it probably would have worked better had we seen more of Darcie’s character outside her interactions as a serious agent with Stephen. Her reasoning did stand up but seemed a bit out of the blue for the sudden shift, even with a family member in danger. Although it seems that Stephen is still the influencer of events or the reminder of what humanity is, as Cara put it.

Speaking of Cara, she and Stephen ended the episode with a little pick-me-up talk as he was feeling guilty for some of the events. Turns out she is a big supporter of him, as all the flirting and their strategic kiss culminated in them finally giving into temptation and went off to have some telepathic sexy time, something which is more intense than normal. We all knew this would happen as they’ve been playing off each other from the start, despite John and Cara’s kind-of relationship. But she’s still mad at John for lying about his killing abilities, so who knows if this is genuine attraction or just a way to make her feel better. Either way, she’s getting some, with telepathic benefits to boot. We’ll see how this pans out when John gets back next week.

We’ll probably find more about Jedikiah’s mysterious lady friend. He wasn’t in this episode much, only enough to know that he is having some sexy time with Morgan. For a guy who claims to hate their species, he certainly spends a lot of questionable time with them. Hopefully his reasoning will get explored soon, but at the rate this show reveals stuff, I don’t think we’ll have to wait long.