Friday, 15 November 2013

S1x7 - The Originals: Bloodletting

Aired 12/11/13 on The CW

This episode was... dark. Surprising and dark. I don't know if I liked it - we all know I'm a fan of the humour (see last week) - but the darkness was something different altogether. The writers took the show in a completely new direction, played down the murderous witches plot and instead brought the werewolves to the forefront. This, I loved. It's nice to take a break from the drama that surrounds the witches - don't get me wrong I'm team Davina and everything, but Sophie and her little group of magicians really grate on me. 

This week saw the emergence of a new player in town: Tyler Lockwood. We knew it was coming after his douchy goodbye a couple of weeks ago over on TVD. I'm disgusted to report that he is still a douche bag. In fact, he was probably worse: turns out it wasn't Marcel who kidnapped Hayley but the annoyingly attractive werewolf with a big old grudge against Klaus. I suppose this is understandable because Klaus did kill his mother and all, but that is no excuse to kill Hayley and her unborn hybrid spawn, which is exactly what he tried to do. Tyler Lockwood is broken. He's bloodthirsty and out for revenge. Except it wasn't fun to watch - it just reminded me of his character in season one TVD when he was using Vicky Donovan and beating up Jeremy. 

Tyler also caused problems for Klaus and Elijah which I think will now continue on for the duration of the season. Just when I thought my favourite brothers were bonding, he had to ruin it with his stupid, big mouth. The episode started off really well;  Klaus and Elijah interrupted Marcel's fight night (Klaus breaking another neck as per usual) and stood together in their quest to find Hayley. Except Marcel didn't have her - oooo those pesky writers tricked me real good last week! I'm glad that Marcel didn't have her in the end, otherwise it would have been another repeat of the 'Elijah in a box' scenario. Marcel was like, "been there, kidnapped that, already got the t-shirt, whatevs".

Rebekah returned swiftly - I barely noticed she was gone ha! - to interrogate Marcel about her new bestie. She used her trademark 'shoe-to-the-throat' move again - and it's still awesome. Of course, instead he managed to persuade her to turn against Klaus because he's, let's face it, the worst brother ever. I know you're not supposed to play favourites when it comes to family, but Elijah clearly is the winner. He hasn't murdered the guys she loves or stabbed her in the heart and left her to rot for 90 years. At the end of the episode when all was sorted and Hayley was found etc, Klaus returned to the plantation house and informed Rebekah that it was just going to be him and her from now - Elijah had "betrayed" him (we'll get onto that in a minute) so naturally he'd doled out the punishment. He demanded that Rebekah not leave town because he needed her - and made their relationship seem more in keeping with a horrible boss and  a low-paid assistant than brother and sister. In that moment, Rebekah decided that she wasn't going to be a lackey anymore, so she lied about Marcel's plans to take Klaus out. Rebekah has spoken and its NOT for Klaus. Sh** is gonna go down!

Ok so back to Elijah the Betrayer. Basically, Tyler said that Klaus only cared about the baby because it would allow him to create an army of evil hybrids. God I hope this doesn't actually happen because we all remember what happened to the last batch - courtesy of a very upset Klaus. Elijah and Hayley believed Tyler - and he's a douche who shouldn't be trusted now anyway - so Klaus got cross and bit his bro. It's not punching for these guys, it's biting. A wolf bite can't kill an original but it sure can cause them a bit of pain, which Elijah will have a whole episode of next week from the looks of things. So now Klaus is alone, Rebekah is going to be a double-agent and Elijah is with Hayley. And Tyler... well, he's with Marcel too. The hybrid let Marcel in on the pregnancy secret. Again... S**t is gonna go down!!!! 

There was definitely less comedy in this episode as things went darker - an arc seems to have developed and it looks like its going to be Original vs Original. I knew the family banter wouldn't last long, but I'm a little gutted it couldn't have lasted a bit longer because I adored last week's ep. I MISS VAMPIRE BOOK CLUB!

Here is the promo for next week and as predicted, there's a war coming!