Thursday, 7 November 2013

S4x4 - The Walking Dead: Indifference

Aired 03/11/13 on AMC

Big things happened in this episode, even though we only saw a handful of characters. It opened with shots of Carol talking to Lizzy through the visitor’s window intercut with shots of a concerned Rick retracing Carol’s murderous steps. It was kind of an eerie scene and that short sequence was all we saw of the prison this week, as Rick and Carol then headed out on a run to try and get some more food and man, the atmosphere was tense.

As they drove into a cul-de-sac and started raiding houses, Carol addressed the elephant in the room when she talked about her reasons for killing Karen and David. I know she did murder two people and then burn their bodies, but she made a convincing case! At the time, they were the only two who were sick with the virus and Carol decided she would step up and do what she thought needed to be done in order to protect the rest of the survivors, which include children. Rick was pretty stony faced throughout this before they got interrupted by a Walker and the appearance of two people.

They had been through the ringer a bit: the woman’s leg was twisted from where she had been trampled and it healed wrong, and he was sporting a dislocated shoulder from when he was gathering some peaches from the greenhouse in the garden. Carol set his shoulder then she and Rick pondered on whether they should take them back to the prison. The couple pleaded their case and Rick told them to go gather supplies, giving the guy his watch so they could meet back in two hours. I guess it was the humane thing to do; help your fellow survivors and all that stuff, but the couple were two of the perkiest people ever to the point that I don’t think I could spend more than five minutes with them before death-by-Walker became more appealing.

Turns out it didn’t really matter as they eventually found the severed leg of the girl as she became walker food and the guy never returned. They started loading up the car when Rick finally voiced his feelings about the Carol-murderer issue. He didn’t agree because there was always a possibility that Karen and David could have lived, and Carol took that from them. I saw that conclusion coming but what I didn’t see coming was Rick telling Carol not to go back to the prison, because he didn’t want her around the kids and neither would anyone else. So he packed her off in a separate car and drove away.

Umm… what?! This is Carol, the woman who’s been in it from the start. She’s pretty much a fixture of the group, but he just easily discarded her when she did something he didn’t like. Again, I can see his reasoning but does that mean she’s not going to be in it anymore? Carol was just becoming the best she’s ever been!

While all this was going on, we also followed the med retrieving group, struggling to get to the Veterinary Hospital to get the meds for the virus. After they were attacked by the Walker horde last week, they travelled on foot until they came across a car shop that was so over grown with Ivy they literally had to hack their way in to get a car.

Tyreese is still taking his anger out on any and every Walker he sees, and when Michonne confronted him about it, he raised the point that she’s just as angry because she keeps hunting down the Governor. After some reflection and a bit of banter with Daryl (love this friendship) she decided she wasn’t going to hunt anymore and just stay at the prison, which means more Michonne screen time. Yay Michonne!

Bob was also having a pretty rough time. He revealed to Daryl that the only reason he went on the run in the pilot was because he wanted to get some alcohol, something which he had been using to cope with the death of his previous groups. He felt guilty, as we all remember how that ended, but Daryl basically told him to man up and get over it.

However, when they got to the Veterinary Hospital, instead of filling his bag with all the meds he could fit like the others, he swiped a bottle of alcohol from a desk. When the others found out, Daryl reminded us all why he is one of the best characters as he got in Bob’s face and told him he was trash. I wouldn’t be surprised if Bob peed himself – Daryl can be terrifying when he wants to be. Yay for Daryl!

So now both this group and Rick are headed back to the prison with their respective loot, while Carol is driving off somewhere else, maybe never to be seen again (I doubt it). Next week we will see if the virus can be cured and the fallout from the Carol situation, and if this string of good episodes continues, this could be competing for the position of my favourite season.