Wednesday, 13 November 2013

S4x5 - The Walking Dead: Internment

Aired 10/11/13 on AMC

Man, this show. This show just gets it. It knows how to properly deliver a story to our eyeballs in forty two minutes and do it right. This show, man.

‘Internment’ was one of those episodes that makes you go ‘what just happened?!’ but in a good way. A lot of focus was on Hershel as he doctored the infected people in the quarantined cell block. It also pretty much confirmed that Hershel is a badass and someone you want on your team during a zombie apocalypse. Not because he’s a good shot, or he’s someone who hunts for food, or because he is just really good at killing Walkers, but because he never gives up. And when you’re giving up, he acts like you’re a dumbass and continues not giving up. That’s what he did for most of this episode as the people around him slowly starting dying. In fact, by the end of the episode, everyone but Sasha, Glenn and the two kids had succumbed to the illness. That’s one way to get rid of a few extras.

Every time one of them died, Hershel made sure to take the body out of sight before sticking a knife through their heads to make sure they don’t turn, so that those still battling the sickness didn’t have to witness the reality they already knew. He’s such a sweet old man, and he went through a lot as the infected died faster than he could keep up, and so he had to battle it out with the now dead Dr A’s shotgun, all while trying to keep a dying Glenn alive. Maggie eventually came into help, and managed to help Hershel get a tube from a Walker so they could stick it down Glenn’s throat to help him breathe, and everything calmed down a bit.

The way I’ve written it doesn’t really explain just how good these scenes in the cell block were. At one point, I was literally covering my mouth because they managed to make it so tense and suspenseful, that even though I guessed what was going to happen, I was still on tenterhooks.

It was also amped up by switching between the cell block and the scenes of Rick and Carl taking down a Walker horde in a casual father son bonding exercise. Upon his return to the prison, Rick handed out the supplies, checked on the kids and then helped Maggie with the fence which was still being pushed down by hundreds of Walkers. They were putting up logs in order to try and give it more stability, and when Maggie went into the prison to help Hershel after hearing the gun shots, Rick went and got Carl to help.

After spending all this time trying to keep him away from the killing side of things, Rick ended up having to throw that out of the window when the logs didn’t hold and the fence came down letting the horde of Walkers in. So he and Carl grabbed some big fancy guns, and after a quick running lesson on how to use it (they were literally running, which is a bit of a shaky education but you do what you gotta do), father and son proceeded to take down at least a hundred Walkers in the courtyard, if not more. It was epic.

The storytelling here was on top form. So far this season has really explored the characters more than ever before and this episode combined that with the action sequences it’s known to do so well. Hershel’s character was totally badass, looking after the sick and taking down the dead, to then end with him opening his bible and finally letting the emotions out. Rick and Carl wasted an entire horde of Walkers, but the look on Rick’s face as he watched his fourteen year old son expertly shoot them without even blinking said more than some entire episodes do. The writing kept the tension building without it being too much and gave us some awesome action scenes, all while making sure the episode stayed human. I love this show.

So now the sick are being cured as Daryl’s med retrieving group returned at the end, and for now the Walkers that broke through the fence have being taken care of. No immediate fallout from Carol’s exile last week, something which will surely come once Daryl confronts Rick, and the episode finished with a cute scene of Rick and Carl back in their vegetable patch relaxing after a taxing day. How nice.

But then the camera zoomed out and we saw a man watching them, a man who when he turned his head was wearing an eye patch, a man who goes by the name the Governor. That’ right, the freaking Governor was standing there watching them! The guy who’s basically clinically insane and tried to kill them all last season! The guy who Michonne really really wants to cut in half! Holy crap, it’s all going to hit the fan. I’m not sure I can handle it. I can’t wait.