Wednesday, 20 November 2013

S5x5 - Glee: The End of Twerk

Aired 14/11/13 on Fox

You know the situation is dire when a show does an episode about 'twerking'. The most recent episode of Glee was called 'The End of Twerk' and I seriously wished that it had actually brought about THE END OF THE TWERK. But alas no, instead the episode was another excuse for Mr Schu to be all creepy and inappropriate (see last week's Gaga issue).

The ep kicked off with Blaine being caught on camera having a little twerking session (yes, it was as bad as it sounds). At the moment Mr Schu is all about trying to shed the goody-goody Glee image that the New Directions has, so this week he decided that everyone needed to learn how to shake their booty. Seriously, if my teacher had encouraged me to shake my butt in the school corridors, he probably would have been suspended. Don't get me wrong, if people want to twerk in their own time then that's fine, but sexual moves at school is just a big no-no for me.

To top off the twerking, we then had a Glee-rendition of Robin Thicke's 'Blurred Lines' - Mr Schu playing the park of Thicke while the kids did the Miley parts. It actually got to the point where Sue was the voice of reason - even she understood the song's misogynistic suggestions. Well done Glee writers, "let's do a controversial song that might just be about date rape!" For a show that prides itself on liberal messages and campaigns against social injustice, I generally have no idea what it was trying to say. All I know is, twerking at school with a teacher is NOT COOL. Honestly, I really hate this song and I feel that Glee has hit a new low in covering it.

The only good song of the episode was Unique's version of Beyonce's 'If I Were a Boy' - if only she could act half as well as she sings. Her plot about not being able to use the school toilets could have been a great story, except it wasn't handled very well. Schu had to make a sacrifice in order to let the kid have a key to the staff toilets - ok, the sacrifice was twerking so I wasn't that upset but still, nothing was really done to help her. She won't get bullied in the boys toilets anymore, but she didn't really win because the bullies are still out there and they didn't learn anything. And Unique just can't act - this makes it really hard for me to feel for her. I just find her annoying - and they never resolved that cat fishing plot she was involved with either.

Marley finished the episode with a cover of Miley Cyrus' 'Wrecking Ball'; the whole scene was just a crappier version of the music video. Marley sat on the ball (thankfully she wasn't naked) and cheater-boy Jake was brooding in the background. This whole plot is also a joke and came completely out of nowhere; I don't even like the characters so I don't give a crap about their heartache. I'm completely unsympathetic because they aren't strong enough for me to get emotional about them. And seriously... the ball? Last week it was a copy of Katy Perry's 'Roar' video and this week it's 'Wrecking Ball'. What happened to the days when they just used to stand on stage in red t-shirts and sing? No gimmicks just raw emotion. I MISS THE OLD DAYS!

Finally... Rachel and Kurt appear to have gotten their shows mixed up. I thought I was watching Glee not Smash. Though to be fair, the only thing about the episode I did enjoy were the tattoos: Kurt's reference to Bette Midler was cool and Rachel's tribute to Finn was really quite lovely - made even more heartfelt because she kept the tattoo a secret, like it was her own private tribute to him. I loved that. 

Okay, I will not linger on with this episode any more. I've had enough. Basically it sucked. Tuning in next week is going to be a chore... Which is a shame because I used to really love this show.