Wednesday, 6 November 2013

S5x5 - The Vampire Diaries: Monster's Ball

Aired 31/10/13 on The CW

I've left it a few days to write up the review for this episode of TVD. For a while I sat here and honestly couldn't remember what happened - it really wasn't that memorable. There was the usual Silas plan to deal with, Stefan still had amnesia, Bonnie was floating around as a ghost, Damon was all about trying to bring her back from the dead (a common thing in Mystic Falls cos nobody stays dead), Tyler and Caroline were having sex a lot, and Elena was being all depressing and writing in her diary. Oh and there was a costume ball to top it all off because the writers love a good event to ruin with blood-sucking or killing and stuff.

I'm not going to mention anything else about all that, because honestly it wasn't that exciting. Instead, I am so going to dedicate this review to Katherine, my favourite cured vampire doppelganger. The last we saw of Katherine, she had been snatched by Nadia the traveler/vampire. They were hiding out in a motel room and while Nadia was on the phone to the most annoying villain to date, Silas (even though Paul Wesley is awesome, the whole Silas story is really not that great), Katherine was just hanging out in the background, sprawled across the bed with a bag of crisps attached to her face. These human moments from the former vampire are so awesome to watch - she makes the basic human function of eating exciting. We next saw them hanging out at a diner, Katherine enjoying a good American burger while Nadia explained that her mother had been murdered by Katherine - but of course she's killed a lot people in her time so she couldn't really remember it, and she didn't seem too bothered either because she was clearly loving the burger.

The food wasn't all that she was focused on though, because the next moment, Katherine was being seriously badass and stabbed Nadia with an old dude's walking stick. After running around the world for about 500 years, she's definitely picked up a few crafty tricks. What has been really great about the shift from vampire Katherine to human Katherine is that although physically she is weaker, mentally she still has the guts to fight back and mouth off. She hasn't lost her edginess that makes me love her so damn much. The walking stick scene seriously emphasised her awesomeness - she should just have her own show I swear, because nobody seriously cares about bringing Bonnie back from the dead.

Nadia was left writhing around in pain in an alley way, which ended up being the setting for an Eastender's style family reunion; Katherine demanded to know why she was lying about the death of her mother - but as it turns out she wasn't really lying because Katherine really did kill her mother - when she killed herself! Katherine IS Nadia's mother. It was kind of cheesy but at the same time I think I might just love this story line - one because its about Katherine and two because its going to be great to see another of her layers. The two women bonded over a hot drink as Katherine explained that she had gone back to Bulgaria in the 1490s to search for her, but believed that she was dead. So now we have two women over 500 years old and a weird mother/daughter relationship where the daughter looks older than the mother. Still love it. I am all over this story line. Goodbye Silas.

Ok, actually not quite goodbye Silas... At the end of the episode something ridiculously mind-boggling happened. Silas was all dried up on Damon's sofa, because somewhere in between all the cool Katherine stuff, Qetsiyah made his heart shrivel up (I won't bore you with the details). Then Katherine turns up because Damon had called her but wait... TRAP! Damon starts murdering Katherine. MURDERING. He pushes her head down and feeds her to shriveled-up Silas - who is more than happy to feed on her because in her blood is the cure. Stupid cure. AND KATHERINE WAS DEAD... I was panicking... she was just lying there, after screaming at Damon to stop and then she'd just gone quiet and was all dead-looking. I started hyperventilating - I thought no way, they can't murder the best character. I WILL NEVER WATCH THIS SHOW AGAIN. But then.... She wakes up. Phew! I felt like I'd been Punk'd. At first I was too preoccupied with the feelings of relief that flooded through me to really wonder how she was alive, but now that I've gotten over it, the question is... How is Katherine alive? Is she a vampire again? Or is she a super human now? Questions, questions... and I can't wait to get the answers because it means MORE KATHERINE. Yay!

Before I finish up, I should also probably mention a few other things... like the college plot which introduced us to a new character, who turned out to be the guy version of Elena because everyone he loved or cared about had died - and his guardian is the creepy college guy. Maybe they're kindred spirits and Elena will have a rest from all things Salvatore... One can dream. 

Finally... TYLER I HATE YOU. I mean seriously, last week I was all about Tyler and this week he is the world's biggest moron. He just comes swanning in with his awesome attractiveness, uses Caroline for some sexy time and then.... "Oh yeah, soz I can't stay, thanks for the sex, now we should take a break." DOUCHE. And on that note... I'm done too.