Sunday, 10 November 2013

S5x6 - The Vampire Diaries: Handle With Care

Aired 07/11/13 on The CW

Last week I dedicated my review of TVD to the awesomeness that is Katherine. This week I'm going to dedicate it to the awesomeness that is Katherine AND Caroline, a.k.a partners in crime/new best friends. This week saw two of my favourite characters pair up for the first time - possibly the best ideas the writers have had this season. Caroline wasn't crying about Tyler breaking her heart and Katherine wasn't dead; instead they were plotting/scheming/having fun which only further supported my case that they should have their own show with Elijah, Rebecca and Klaus. 

Katherine kicked off the episode with a celebratory dinner at the diner; apparently she can't die so what better way is there to celebrate than with lots of food? Except her mood turned sour when she noticed that she had a lock of grey hair, X-Men Rogue-style. Could our 500 year old cured vampire suddenly be ageing ! Meanwhile, Silas rocked up at the Salvatore house, interrupted some Delena snuggles, did a few magic tricks and was genuinely being quite funny. He's mortal, he's a witch and he's got a death-wish - a villain who WANTS to die is still the weirdest plot ever. The plan of the hour was to find the mystical anchor that was used 2000 years ago by Qetsiyah to create a supernatural purgatory - they wanted to destroy the anchor to destroy the other side or something, and once they'd done this, Silas could die, be with Amara, and Bonnie could come back to life. But Qetsiyah wanted to kill Silas before he destroyed the anchor so that he got stuck in limbo. "I still need to be drunk to understand this story," said a hungover Stefan - I couldn't agree more mate. Anyway, turns out the anchor was in NEW JERSEY (pfft!) so Jeremy, Damon and Silas went on a little road trip. Fun times. 

Qetsiyah and Stefan couldn't hit up the Jersey Shore, because Silas hexed the little wooden hut they've been living in so that they couldn't leave. The witch walked into an invisible door which was pretty funny because, just before she did it, she was basically bragging about how smart she was. What was even more funny was that she tricked Elena into coming over by pretending that she'd slept with Stefan (which by the way is sooo none of her business) and when Elena went to leave she walked into the invisible door too! So to summarise we had Damon, Jeremy and Silas hanging out on the Jersey Shore - perhaps catching up on some GTL time and hanging out with Pauly D - and Elena, Stefan and Qetisyah/Tessa/Pain-In-The-Arse stuck in a wooden house. 

Now back to the important stuff: Katherine pretended to be Elena and was hanging out in her college dorm, which didn't fool Caroline for more than a few seconds. At first Caroline had Katherine gripped at the throat but they soon came to a compromise: Caroline needed to be more badass with her investigations into the college professor, and because Katherine is a badass, she offered to help in exchange for a place to stay for a few days. Thus, the start of a dream team was born. The pair snuck up on the professor, Katherine stabbed him in the neck with a needle, Caroline smiled at how badass she was being, and then they drained the professor of his blood so that there was no vervain in his system; once they'd done that they could compel him into answering their questions. He confirmed that there was a secret society on campus and a party was going on that had the sole purpose of weeding out the vamps from the humans. The society believed that Elena was a vampire, something that would be confirmed when she tried to enter the house party - because of course vamps can't enter without an invitation. So Katherine dressed up as a good girl and turned up at the party, went in without an invite, convinced everyone in the society that Elena wasn't a vampire, ate loads of food  (yes I think I'm obsessed with every scene that involves her eating), and had a little chat with the college guy Elena met last week. She tried to get some info out of him, but then her tooth fell out so she had to leave. Best moment ever. 

In between all of this cool Katholine stuff (best shipping team ever) the Silas stuff was happening - which definitely wasn't as fun but I suppose it's important so I'll mention it. It was revealed that the anchor wasn't a something but a someone, that someone being Amara who was all dried up and looked like stone. Silas found her, gave her some blood and she woke up. Now we have three characters played by Nina Dobrev running around - I'm starting to think that the budget for TVD is so low that they need all these doppelgangers to create new characters. We have FIVE doppelgangers now people! Things are now complicated for Silas of course, because now he can't destroy the anchor without destroying Amara - perhaps Qetsiyah is smarter than I realised. She's also still immortal whereas he isn't. I really don't know what this means for the previous Silas-dying plot, which has gotten so complicated I really am seriously considering Stefan's drinking plan now. What I do know is that Amara was crazy and ended up stabbing her lover in the neck and then drank his blood. Romance is dead! Silas isn't actually dead but still, its tough when the love of your life stabs you. Anyway, this got me thinking: Katherine drunk the cure, Silas drunk Katherine because the cure was in her veins, and now Amara has done the same to Silas - was the cure in his veins? If so, is Amara cured too? I told you this was confusing. I genuinely don't have a clue any more. I'm starting to wish I had amnesia like Stefan so that I could stop caring so damn much...

But wait... STEFAN GOT HIS MEMORY BACK! This happened right at the end. Qetsiyah decided to inflict more pain on the guy, fried his brain again but gave him back all of his memories - most of which are pretty gruesome, let's be honest. 

So for next week we have another Nina Dobrev doppelganger, a greying, tooth-decaying Katherine, a secret society and a cured amnesiac. Let's be real here, most of the stuff that happened throughout the episode was just crazy weird, but it actually ended up being quite enjoyable (except for the Qetsiyah scenes because she's more annoying than Bonnie). The best bit about it was obviously the Katholine tag-team and I'm hoping to God that we'll see more of it. I felt like this episode was a step-forward in terms of story-line. Things happened, stuff was revealed and next week's episode was set up very nicely. As we learn more about the secret society the closer we will be to the end of the Silas plot - another thing to be excited about! All in all, although my brain hurts I'm definitely a bit happier with this season than I was a couple of weeks ago. Keep it up writers!