Tuesday, 19 November 2013

S5x7 - The Vampire Diaries: Death and the Maiden

Aired 14/11/13

YES! Now this is an episode worth celebrating! Know why? Because it brought about the end of the Silas/Amara/Tessa story line - story maze is probably more like it! Can I get a woop woop?! Seriously, I am so glad that this plot is over because it was literally the most complicatedly boring plot the show has ever done. Although I have to say, Silas has been amazingly hilarious recently and I actually started to enjoy him. But I'm still glad his time is up. No more talking about a stupid 2000 year old love triangle feud (probably where Stefan, Elena and Damon will end up too) or the other-side, or cures and doppelgangers bla bla bla. Qetisyah, Silas and Amara are NO MORE. Again, WOOP WOOP!

The episode kicked off at a bus stop in Philly; Silas, a 2000 year old magician, was waiting for a Greyhound. Sounds funny? Well it was! This scene was possibly the best scene TVD has done in recent times. Silas was acting like the crazy, drunk guy that you go out of your way to avoid at bus stops; he wasn't drunk but he was crazy - bitter, heart-broken, defeated but still hilarious. He ranted about how much love sucks to a couple waiting for a bus too - of course he then went psycho and liquefied the guy's insides, while the girlfriend ran away screaming. And then he got on the bus. Psycho, crazy and hilarious makes a great combination, I've decided.

Meanwhile, Stefan had some nightmares about his life (cos it has been pretty nightmarish to be fair) and woke up in an anxious sweat. Then Elena turned up and decided that they needed a fresh start, because she didn't realise that he had his memories back. Unfortunately his flashbacks were torturing him a bit and he ended up smashing a glass in his hand. Poor guy. I'd suggest he take a road trip with his pal Lexie to chill out - but oh wait, Damon IS a DICK  and killed her a while back. Stefan ain't going on no road trip anytime soon. It's funny how Stefan has his humanity switch off when he's a ripper-douche whereas Damon's is on all the time and he still does annoying things like kill Lexie or use Caroline... I know, I know, they're old arguments but they're still valid. I hold grudges for a long time!

Moving on briefly from the Salvatore snooze-fest... KATHERINE! #hero! Unfortunately she's still ageing. But at least she's still awesome! She's also pushing her daughter away - I'm thinking this is actually because she doesn't want her daughter to see her age and die, which is such an awww moment. The moments between Katherine and her daughter were really strong - sometimes I genuinely forget that Nina Dobrev plays all these doppelgangers because they're portrayed so differently; this is definitely the sign of a damn good actress. Katherine was also roped into the episode's main plot - you know, that one that involves Silas et al. Silas and Amara still wanted to die (or something weird like that) but Damon, Elena and Jeremy wanted Bonnie brought back to life first. Stefan wasn't bothered because he was all sad and mopey from all of those annoying Silas nightmares, so he decided that he wanted to kill Silas asap.

Amara's part was pretty cool - as the mystical anchor to the 'other side' she had one foot in the living world and one in the dead world, so she could SEE Bonnie too and she recognised Jeremy. I kind of felt sorry for her, suffering for 2000 years - you'd think Tessa/Qetsiyah would have let bygones be bygones but she wanted even more revenge. She is literally the worst character the show has had - she's evil but it's not even an enjoyable evil, she's just a bitter, old woman and nobody likes one of those!

In order for Bonnie to be brought back, something extremely powerful was needed in order to aid the spell - enter the doppelgangers! Another really cool scene featured Amara, Katherine and Elena standing in a circle, donating some blood etc - it was fun to see the differences in their characters combined with their appearances. Again, Nina Dobrev did an awesome job - I mean the 3 doppelgangers even cut their hands differently! It was really quite amazing! *fangirling*

Of course, things didn't quite go according to plan because Silas rocked up to disturb things. But then Stefan snatched him and then killed him in the woods - but not before Amara and Silas had a touching little reunion. They declared their love for each other and had a little smooch, but then Silas died which was actually kind of sad. Things went a little dark, Romeo and Juliet-style and Amara stabbed herself - it was pretty hardcore I have to say! I got all confused because I thought the reason that Silas wanted to die was so that he could be with Amara in the afterlife, and he wanted to get rid of the supernatural 'other side' to join her. But then it turned out that she was still alive, so surely they didn't have to kill themselves? They could have just like, jumped on a Greyhound together or something. I really don't know what's going on, but seriously... the suicide was tough. And weird. And sad. And a lot of negative things. I know that Amara wanted to die so that she didn't have to suffer being a mystical anchor, but that was being switched to Bonnie. She only had to hold on for five minutes longer. She'd been doing it for 2000 years as stone so 5 more minutes should have been a piece of cake. Anyway...

Bonnie is now the anchor. Which is actually worse than being dead because now whenever somebody supernatural dies she will feel it - and it hurts. She screamed a lot and it was kind of hilarious. I know, that's mean, but I was used to Bonnie being dead. Why does nobody stay dead in this show?! Speaking of more death... Qetsiyah then killed herself too. Ding Dong the witch is dead! However, this kind of bummed me out a bit because she didn't bother to help Katherine. Something I've been wondering for a while was finally answered in this ep: Why doesn't she just turn back into a vampire? Well, she can't! Caroline offered her some blood to heal the wound on her hand, but the vampire blood made her sick. She can't drink vampire blood so no vampire transformation for her! PLEASE DON'T DIE KATHERINE BECAUSE YOU'RE THE BEST!!!!

And finally back to Stefan... Stefan and Elena then had a little conversation while he buried Silas' body. Elena basically thought it would be a great idea to tell him all about how she had the summer of her life bla bla bla. Good for you Elena! You're so good at cheering people up, it's unreal. Stefan then pointed out that he really wanted it to be Elena and Damon - the two people he cares most about - to find him in the safe and he was disappointed that it was some randomer instead. Oh, and his nightmares didn't go away when Silas' died so he still has those to deal with. Seriously, the guy needs a holiday!

Overall, it was an episode jam packed with stuff - I don't think I've even mentioned everything! Although some of it was frustrating, good things happened. Silas and co are gone (hopefully forever), Katherine's story line is intriguing, Stefan has his memory back and Bonnie isn't haunting people anymore - instead people are haunting her and I'll take that! This episode has drawn a line under the Silas saga and now its time to start with something else - it's likely that the Augustine vampire at the college will really take off now and this is something that I have been looking forward to for a while! Either way, it looks like things are finally starting to look good for this crazy show!