Monday, 25 November 2013

S5x8 - The Vampire Diaries: Dead Man on Campus

Aired 21/11/13 on The CW

Hallelujah! No more doppelgangers! I repeat: no more doppelgangers! The Silas plot has officially ended - and yes I know I said that last week, but you never really know what the TVD writers might cook up from episode to episode. The only doppelgangers in this episode were Elena and Katherine. We have returned to the status quo. Finally!

The college plot got the chance to take over in this episode; new vampire Jesse was being tortured by Dr Maxfield, except he's super strong these days so he managed to break free, bite the crazy professor and quickly reveal all to Caroline. Oh and he also bit his room mate who happened to be Elena's depressing kindred spirit, Aaron, but don't worry he's okay because Caroline taught Jesse how to heal people. It was sweet - kinda. Caroline and Elena were also in the process of planning their first college dorm party and used it to help Jesse cope with his new vampy status - apparently Elena thinks that being a vampire is awesome! Who knew? While Elena, Jesse and Caroline raved it up and whatnot, Damon was called in to convince the professor to reveal more about his experiments and the secret society (when I say convince I mean torture obviously).

While this was going on there were a couple of sub-plots involving Katherine and Bonnie. Now, I can't believe I'm about to say this and I promise I will never say it again so read carefully... I like Bonnie right now. I know, I'm shocked too! I like her new hair style, I like her new storyline which basically involves her screaming in pain as dead spirits pass through her, and I like her boyfriend cos he has some very defined muscles (see below!). Bonnie is in my good books at the moment - oh and did I mention that she no longer has witch powers?! I think that this is a great idea, because for the past 5 seasons she's basically only been around to do magic spells for other people. She can't do that now so she actually has some breathing room for real character development. I'm excited for Bonnie! Seriously!

The Katherine plot had its good parts and its bad parts. She is amazing and will always be amazing, but she also did something weird and totally out of character that I WAS NOT OKAY WITH. Do you remember that weird mind control thing with the only human in Mystic Falls, Matt Donovan? Well, that appeared on Katherine's radar this week. She was drowning her sorrows at the Grill while Matt was watching the video of the traveller dude controlling his body. In exchange for more booze, Katherine helped Matt with his "spiritual passenger" issues. I also peed my pants with laughter when I remembered how Matt already knew Nadya cos he'd enjoyed some weird threesome thing back in his "Rebekah" days! Katherine... that dude hooked up with your daughter! LOL. Anyway, she then went and hung out with Stefan who was sat on his own and being all miserable (no change there then). She offered to help him through his post-traumatic stress from all that continuous drowning he did over the summer in exchange for a favour. Look at Katherine being all heroic and helping people out! She's giving Stefan something to do to take his mind off his Silas issues and she's helping out Matt. Now don't start thinking that she's turned over a new leaf... she was still totally bad-ass and she'll take any excuse for a little bit of scheming and some free booze. She also introduced Stefan to her daughter which was hilarious, because Stefan took the news very well - his facial expression was basically like it is all the time... broody and frowning.

Katherine, Nadya, Stefan and Matt (my new favourite team) hung out in the back of the Grill, where Nadya brought forth Matt's mind passenger. They talked in Czech for a bit and we learned that the traveller didn't know that Silas was already dead - you snooze you lose sucker! FYI Matt's eastern European accent is so funny, he should speak like it all the time. Traveller Matt then revealed that his mission was to kill Katherine - uhhh no way mate, not happening. So she stabbed him right in the gut. Pow! Then she fiddled with the bloody knife, as she revealed that Matt would be fine and the knife had expelled the traveller forever. Matt was saved, Katherine was awesome, Nadya was upset because apparently she had a thing with the passenger, and Stefan was like... WTF? It was amazing.

After all this stuff happened, Stefan had a PTSD episode and strangled Katherine - everyone wants to hurt her all the time it seems - and she helped him through his stress by reminding him of all the people he had killed in the exact order. Nadya then came running out all upset because her Mum killed her boyfriend and bla bla bla, nobody cares that much about Nadya. This whole scene was totally weird, but I did like the bonding between Stefan and Katherine (even if he did strangle her) and I also liked how Katherine was showing very human emotions and behaving like a protective mother.

So then this really awful thing happened: Stefan later found a note left by Katherine at the bar that was basically a suicide note. Again he was like... WTF? Katherine was standing at the top of the Mystic Falls clock tower ready to COMMIT SUICIDE. Seriously! What is it with this show and suicide at the moment?! Two of the doppelgangers did it last week. Another FYI: Suicide is NOT COOL. And anyway, suicide is not what MY Katherine would do - she is a survivor, though I suppose she did hang herself once but that was because she was going to come back as a vamp. BUT NO, she would not do this again. I WAS PISSED OFF AT THIS POINT IN CASE YOU DIDN'T REALISE. She jumped but luckily Stefan was on hand to catch her. She told him (and I'll admit this bit was quite sad) that she was dying of old age. Stefan said: "You're Katherine Pierce. Suck it up." BEST ADVICE EVER. So Katherine isn't dead and she had a moment with Stefan that somehow managed to be harsh and cute at the same time. At least that's something. BUT THEN... she made the infamous 'Katherine is scheming' face, smiled and looked up at the tower. Perhaps she was just helping Stefan? Or has she got something in the works involving Stefan? Did she pretend she was committing suicide? (NOT COOL, KIDS BTW)

Ok, so I suppose I have lingered on the Katherine plot for long enough (but she is the best so it's understandable). While Damon was torturing the professor, we learned that he was creating vampires that only fed on other vampires. At the college party this point was proven when Jesse decided to take a bite out of sweet Caroline. He then ran off to confront the professor, but ran into Damon and decided to try and eat him. During the whole mess, Elena came along and rammed Jesse through with a bit of wood and killed him. Caroline looked completely betrayed! I mean, her best friend just killed her new beau! Elena's defence: He was trying to eat my boyfriend, he couldn't be stopped! Well, she could of just wounded him or snapped his neck which usually happens to somebody every other episode. As is the way with Elena, the only person she could think about was Damon. Go figure. And they didn't even really know what Jesse was capable of; they could have helped him through his cravings etc and donated blood. But we'll never know because he's dead. Well done Elena, you're so thoughtful as always.

The story wasn't over though... we were given another big reveal. Dr Maxfield mentioned the Augustine vampires and it turns out that Damon had heard of them before because... wait for it... HE WAS ONE! 60 years before! He was soon suffocated with vaporised vervain and thrown into a cell - turns out it was the same one he was in before and his initials were carved into the wall. All of this was intermixed with quick flashbacks of Damon being experimented on before. The poop is about to hit the fan my friends. I'm actually quite intrigued... the only thing I'm not looking forward to in the next few episodes are the very likely and very typical TVD flashback scenes because we all know how silly they can be sometimes. Though, if they happen to show Damon being tortured for a change then I won't mind too much. (Don't worry I don't hate Damon and I hope he gets saved bla bla bla, but I'm definitely looking forward to seeing someone else wearing the shoes for a change!)

So overall, Katherine was incredible as always (I'm going to forget about that suicide thing for now) and Elena was annoying again. Next week Damon is going to be tortured or whatever... Just wait til Elena finds out that he's missing... I'm dreading that reaction. Hopefully, Katherine will be around to lighten things up with her boozing.