Sunday, 1 December 2013

S1x9 - Agents of S.H.I.E.LD.: Repairs

Aired 26/11/13 on ABC

Creepy ghosts, a badass woman and some genuinely spooky scenes – this is definitely a Joss Whedon show. This week there was finally more focus on May and we ventured into the idea of other worlds. The main story focused on a safety inspector, who was being haunted by a guy who had died in an explosion she was blamed for, and was making everyone think she had telekinetic powers. While this was all right, I want to start off by talking about something that’s not all right and that’s Ward and May having sexy time.

Turns out that the suggestive scene at the end of last week led to exactly what it suggested and Ward and May had some dark and twisty sexy time in a hotel room. I understand that people want to relieve a bit of stress, get a load off (I’m sorry), but this pairing is just plain weird. Sure, Ward is easy on the eyes but he’s basically a robot and granted May is sometimes a bit of a robot as well, she still has this presence that makes her awesome and so much better than him. It clearly wasn’t the first time either as they have techniques to make sure no one finds out, so this may happen again and while I guess it’s okay for them to relieve some tension, it still makes me say urgh!

So now I’ve got that off my chest, the rest of the episode was pretty good. The group went and got the haunted woman, Hannah, before an angry mob pelted her with some eggs. May was very no nonsense by shooting her with a tranquiliser and Skye wasn’t very appreciative of this fact. She spent the whole episode needling May about her emotionless ways, which was pretty brave seeing as it’s May, but Skye was actually okay when she finally got to talk to Hannah. Hannah was convinced she was being punished by God for not doing her job properly and inadvertently killing four workers, but they eventually worked out that the explosion was caused by Tobias, one of the workers.

The workers were trying to create portals to other worlds and had so far failed, but Tobias loosened some parts of it in an effort to get safety inspector Hannah to come down and see them, and the resulting explosion caused a portal to open. Unfortunately, Tobias was then trapped between the two worlds and the explosion was blamed on Hannah. He tried to protect her from everyone but it resulted in them thinking she had telekinetic powers, while she thought she was haunted by demons.

There were some genuinely creepy scenes as he caused the plane to lose power and then ‘haunt’ the group on board, but the main focus was really on May. She took Hannah away from the plane to draw Tobias out and they fought until she realised that he was just trying to protect her. She told him that he wasn’t being dragged to hell, but that clinging on to the person he used to be is hell, the person who hadn’t killed his co-workers or hurt people who threatened Hannah. If he wanted to make it better than he needed to let that person go and accept who he had become. Turns out those are the same words that Coulson told her once before.

Throughout the episode we heard different versions of how she got the name Cavalry as FitzSimmons told Skye an elaborate tale involving a horse when they decided to keep up the tradition of pranking new agents, and Ward altered the story to something more believable, but it was Coulson who eventually told the truth. May had gone into a building to take down a group of people who followed a gifted individual with no gun and no help. She never said what she did in there but when she walked out she was a different person. She used to pull pranks and have a little fun, but that event changed her into who she is now.

Honestly, it didn’t really make that much difference to me; the impact the story was meant to have didn’t change or alter how awesome she is, it just gave us a bit of context. Plus, it was kind of an obvious scenario to guess, it’s just the specific details we don’t know. Of course, we’re still in the beginnings of the series and there are still a lot of unanswered questions about all of the characters, so maybe as details keep getting gradually revealed it might make more of an impression.

The episode ended with May convincing Tobias to let go and everything was hunky dory again. Skye had a bit more respect for May and it’s possible that May had a bit more respect for her too when she overheard her conversation with Hannah. Coulson also has some respect for Skye as she proved her empathy is helpful when solving cases, saying she will one day be the best at it. Hopefully that won’t be any time soon, as she is still annoyingly in the way the majority of the time, but she is improving slowly, as is the whole show. As long as it keeps moving in this direction, I may even forgive the terribleness that came before, but I think we still have a while before that happens.