Friday, 6 December 2013

S1x9 - The Originals: Reigning Pain in New Orleans

Aired 03/12/13 on The CW

So as mid-season finales go, this one wasn't particularly jaw-dropping, but the episode still did enough to keep me keen and interested to watch again in January. The plot wasn't overly eventful like it has been for the past few weeks. Instead it was very character-driven and set things up nicely for when the show resumes next year. 

The episode's opening was both amusing and grotesque - a combination the show's writers seem to pull off very well. Klaus was hosting a formal dinner to celebrate his new role as King of New Orleans, while Marcel and his cohorts grimaced through their smiles. The wait staff were amazing - it was like Downton Abbey with Vampires or something; they all slit their wrists and poured their blood onto the plates like it was nothing. It was possibly the smoothest dining operation I've ever seen. Klaus made a speech about how awesome he was and how things as a vampire on Bourbon Street would be so fun - unless of course you crossed him because then you'd be maimed, tortured and killed Klaus-style. Hayley was also there of course, and as she's protected by the fact that she's carrying Klaus' baby, she was able to get away with the scowls, smirks and sarcasm. 

Elijah wasn't happy with Hayley's living arrangements and wanted to whisk her away before anything bad happened to her (again), but instead she begged him and Rebekah to save her newly discovered werewolf family who were about to be slaughtered. As a peace offering, Klaus had gifted his new minions with the task of killing all of the wolves as proof that he wasn't planning to create a super army. Elijah and Rebekah playing heroes for a wolf pack was really entertaining to watch; she moaned about smelling like a bog and Elijah casually threatened any vamps who touched a wolf. They make a really good team and managed to get the job done with a great balance of menace and humour. 

Klaus and Marcel also teamed up; at first it was Marcel simply following Rebekah's advice and going through the motions, giving the illusion of loyalty, but then their friendship became more defined and real. Things really heated up when the human leaders of New Orleans (the mayor and so on) met with Klaus to discuss the arrangements between the vampire population and the human population. Klaus made it clear that he would not bow to the demands of poxy humans and ignored Marcel's suggestion to take them seriously. The faction retaliated by smashing in the windows of the vampire's hangout/lair/bar/gentleman's club/whatever it was, and set fire to the vamps who weren't wearing daylight rings. A whole bunch of them died and they were Marcel's boys so he was pretty pissed and made his feelings clear to King Klaus. Klaus, feeling rather disgruntled too, encouraged revenge and the pair then murdered the mayor and the rest of the faction with the exception of Cami's uncle. It was kind of like a vampire version of that scene where the Joker stabs a guy in the eye with a pencil when he meets up with the mob in The Dark Knight but bloodier. It's terrible but this show actually makes me enjoy mass murder!

The comic team was made up of Davina, Josh and Hayley who decided to do their planning from a garage. Josh was hiding from the sun, Hayley was obviously bored and Davina was feeling lonely. They made a great gang! Hayley informed Davina that Agnes, the witch who was supposed to be trying to kill her, was dead but Davina didn't believe her. Surely Marcel would have told her that she was actually safe and didn't have to hide anymore? Right?! Umm... no dear, sorry but he definitely conveniently forgot to tell you that the coast was clear. So of course, Davina was annoyed and ranted to her bestie, Josh. I love that these two randomly became friends! Hayley scored points because she was pretty straight with Davina when she said that she wanted her help to lift the reverse werewolf curse from her family. Honesty clearly is the best policy! Eventually Davina came to the conclusion that she needed to move out and the only place she could think of to go was Cami's, who is apparently her only other friend in the whole entire world - except that Cami couldn't even remember her because she's been compelled a lot lately. How tragic. The episode ended with Davina casually telling her friend not to worry cos she could sort it out and left Cami screaming as her brain got scrambled or something. Ouch. 

Other important moments included Elijah finally apologizing to Klaus for thinking that he only wanted his baby so that he could make more hybrids - though in Elijah's defense it is definitely a Klaus-esque plan. Klaus, after having many heartfelt moments with Marcel, decided to extend an olive branch to his estranged brother and sister and asked them if they'd like to move in with him. After all the betrayal and anger of the previous episode, it was a fairly quick resolution but I'm glad because I much prefer when the Original family are scheming together than apart. Klaus and Marcel became besties too and Marcel even broke things off with Rebekah, who is literally so unlucky in love its unreal - I wonder if Matt even thinks about her over of TVD? 

So new alliances were formed, old hatches were buried and now the show will be able to move forward swiftly after the mid-season break. Again, while not exactly a cliff-hanging thriller of an episode, it was enjoyable and successfully tied up lose ends while creating a few new ones at the same time. I can't wait until January! Here is a little something to keep you going until then...