Thursday, 16 January 2014

S1x10 - The Originals: The Casket Girls

Aired 14/01/14 on The CW

Oh thank goodness! My favourite group of vampires are back! The mid-season break seemed so incredibly long; I was practically dying because its been ages since my last Elijah-fix. Apparently the writers of The Originals knew that I was desperate to see the handsome, noble one though, because they made him puke up blood and it was gross. There I was, marvelling at his beauty, and then he got all pukey. Welcome back!

The episode's main plot was simply to find Davina. Who knew such a simple plot could create such good drama? Every single character seemed to be involved and this was great because it allowed me to assess each character's strengths and weaknesses, which in turn allowed me to figure out if I liked them or not. This is what I have concluded so far:

Klaus - Like him
Rebekah - I want her to be my BFF
Hayley - Really like
Marcel - Growing on me
Davina - She's awesome for a kid
Josh - Undeniably cool. He can be my BFF too
Cami - she's smart but she's also annoying
Sophie - annoying, can someone kill her? Please?

Is it wrong that I'm kinda jealous of Davina? Okay, so yes people want to kill her, but she has super awesome witch powers and she also has a lot of people who look out for her. Everyone had different motivations when it came to finding her: Sophie and her nasty group of witches wanted her so that they could kill her and complete the Harvest; Klaus wanted to show her who was boss or kill her; Marcel and Elijah wanted to protect her; Cami wanted to babysit her or something; Rebekah wanted a new girl pal and Hayley... well actually she was probably the only one not looking for Davina, but that's cos she had her own wolfy stuff to deal with.

Davina was especially strong in this episode - she really brought her witch power A-game and levitated a bunch of murderous witches, then she snapped their necks. She also tortured the three leading vampire men: Klaus's bones were painfully snapped, Marcel was staked in the back and Elijah, like I already said, was made to choke on his own blood - boy there was so much blood. While that kind of ruthlessness coming from a kid is rather sinister, it was also seriously amazing. She was brought to her knees by Klaus eventually though, who captured her sweetheart, the fiddle-playing Tim, and then poisoned them both. Thanks to Marcel's smart-thinking, a protection spell had been cast over Davina so that she didn't die. Tim wasn't so lucky however, and poor Davina was left to cry over his lifeless body. It was actually really sad and a great bit of acting from the young girl - I think I might have leaked a tear. 

Rebekah, in a show of female solidarity, carried a sleeping Davina back to Marcel's apartments and the disgusted look she gave Klaus as she walked away was chilling. I like Klaus, but killing/attempting to kill children is just too evil. I am very firmly on the Team Rebekah/Davina/Marcel/Elijah side. His paranoia that everyone is out to get him all the time is also starting to get on my nerves - that storyline has been played a lot throughout the course of the season.   

This show has been really great at mixing up the character relationship dynamics: one week it's the witches versus Hayley; the Mikaelson's versus everyone; the Mikaelson's versus each other and so on... This week Marcel and Elijah paired up for the first time because of their mutual fondness for Davina. Rebekah went solo and was an absolute badass as usual - she proved to Davina that she could be trusted and then hung out with Thierry (that dude who's slowly withering away in Marcel's vampire dungeon otherwise known as The Garden). Hayley unfortunately found herself working for Sophie the bitch witch, who decided to blackmail her: if Hayley could use her Elijah-insider knowledge to find the burial site of Elijah's old love, Celeste, Sophie would use her magic to lift the curse that was placed on her wolfy family. Hayley agreed and did the required digging - basically she found the answer in Elijah's journal because every vampire keeps a journal, don't ya know - and then Sophie went and dug up the corpse. While Sophie was sifting through mud, Elijah and Hayley were trying to solve the dark puzzle that was Davina's bunch of drawings. The drawings ended up creating a picture of Celeste's face - the shots of which were mixed with shots of Sophie finding the corpse. Hayley was like... "Oh no." She's helped bring forth something evil and Elijah is probably going to be pissed. 

Overall, it was a pretty solid episode and has set things up nicely for the rest of the season. I have to say that so far I am enjoying this spin-off show more than I'm enjoying The Vampire Diaries. It would be great if they did a cross-over episode though - perhaps Caroline could come and visit Klaus and give him something else to think about for a change, or Katherine could come and stir up a bit of trouble on Bourbon Street (if they haven't decided to kill her of course - and they'll be making a huge mistake if they do because she is the best character on that show at the moment). Anyway, next week's episode looks promising and I can't wait to see how the Celeste plot develops. Oh and I also can't wait to see some progress between Hayley and Elijah because the sexual tension is killing me! Until next week...